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I’m just a lady in love with another lady.” The pair has a son, born in 2011. The relationship reportedly ebbed and flowed over the course of three a long time, with Kelly rising more and more resentful of Grant’s predilection for blonde women. Their relationship even allegedly grew to become abusive at instances. “A combination of self-loathing and confusion was manifested in a punch-up,” Katherine Thompson, the author of the documentary, told the Post. She claimed Grant even threw “Kelly out of a transferring vehicle” during a particularly heated moment.

  • During her lifetime, it was by no means quite clear simply the place she landed on the LGBT spectrum, but historical past remembers her as being distinctly queer.
  • Once considered probably the most beautiful girl on the earth, Greta Garbo was legendary for her expressive face, her want for privateness, and her sexuality.
  • It’s additionally been speculated that she had tender emotions for her childhood good friend Mimi Pollack.
  • The jury’s still out on Crawford’s sexuality, but within the years since her dying, it’s been reported that she had affairs with Barbara Stanwyck, Marilyn Monroe, Martha Raye, and an unknown actress by the name of Marion Morgan.

After Monroe and baseball legend Joe DiMaggio divorced in 1954, he reportedly advised journalist Walter Winchell that their relationship ended due to Monroe’s desire for girls. The actress reportedly bedded two of her acting teachers, Paula Strasberg and Natasha Lytess, and reportedly dumped the latter in a “brutal” trend, refusing to take Lytess’ calls. “I was the older one, the instructor, but she knew the depth of my attachment to her,” Lytess later mentioned of the connection. “She exploited these feelings as only an attractive younger particular person can.” Fascinating details and darkish tales about what Hollywood’s brightest stars did behind closed doors and between the sheets—in a time when such deeds were much too hot for the large display screen. While Joan Crawford is most remembered for ankle-strap footwear, enlarged shoulder pads, and consuming 100-proof vodka, few of today’s modern movie buffs are conversant in the rumors surrounding her sexuality. It’s long been mentioned that Crawford, who had a popularity for being one thing of a maneater, was truly bisexual.

If stories are to be believed, North by Northwest star Cary Grant swung both ways. According to the documentary,Women He’s Undressed, Grant used to shack up in “a Greenwich Village love nest” with Australian costume designer Orry-Kelly . That documentary — and Orry-Kelly’s memoir on which it’s based — paints Grant as a former vaudeville star who was forced to repress his sexuality so as to conform to the homophobic Hollywood studio system. Her purported tryst with actress Eva Le Gallienne had reportedly been one thing of a scandal during Bankhead’s lifetime. In reality, Clift was such a free spirit — and so ahead of his time — that he reportedly refused to signal any studio contract that might stipulate that he get married or that could force him to take roles he did not really feel suited for. Hillary Demmon, who co-produced and co-directed the movie with Montgomery’s nephew, Robert Clift, stated that the Hollywood studio system was “undoubtedly not accustomed to that degree of independence.”

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The 25 Hollywood Stars Who Went Gay For Pay

Benedict Cumberbatch as Alan Turing in “The Imitation Game” Cumberbatch plays Alan Turing in the free biographical movie concerning the gay mathematician who deciphered the enigma code during the struggle. Whoopi Goldberg as Jane in Boys on the Side (Photo by Warner Bros.)Whoopi Goldberg plays a lesbian lounge singer, Jane, on a street trip with Holly and Robin (Mary-Louise Parker). Jane is looking for a new life after breaking apart together with her girlfriend and getting fired. Ewan McGregor as Phillip Morris in “I Love You Phillip Morris” (Photo by LD Entertainment / Roadside Attractions)Ewan McGregor plays Phillip Morris in the film.


Actors do an essential job of starring as our favorite characters in films. “Full Service” on the very least highlights how sharply the rules of engagement for reporting movie star gossip have modified. Anjali Ameer- An actress in the Malayalam movie business, and labored in many Bollywood motion pictures, she challenged heteronormativity in the films as a transsexual girl. She underwent a sex change surgery at 20 and had been increasing in reputation ever since. She ran away from an orthodox Muslim family who weren’t supportive of her id and lived with the transgender neighborhood in Bangalore and Coimbatore. Sridhar Rangayan- He has directed films with a definite focus on homosexuality. His notable works embrace, ‘The Pink Mirror’ and ‘Yours Emotionally.’ His representation of the closeted gay neighborhood in India has been thought-about floor-breaking.

But do you know this often type casted playboy was gay? And sure, he’s additionally a reoccurring actor on the American Horror Story collection. He got here out in 2012 however was really married a 12 months previous to coming out to the general public. We only came upon throughout an award speech where he thanked him; that took many people unexpectedly.

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She often donned pants and tuxes on the silver display screen at a time when it was retro to do so and altered the the way women thought of pants forever. She was also unapologetic about her love for each men and women. ‘Hello, Clarice.’ Okay, yes, Jodi Foster is a Hollywood legend.

The jury’s still out on Crawford’s sexuality, but in the years since her death, it’s been reported that she had affairs with Barbara Stanwyck, Marilyn Monroe, Martha Raye, and an unknown actress by the name of Marion Morgan. Once considered the most lovely lady on the planet, Greta Garbo was legendary for her expressive face, her need for privateness, and her sexuality. During her lifetime, it was never quite clear just the place she landed on the LGBT spectrum, but history remembers her as being distinctly queer. She reportedly played a little bit of lover’s ping-pong with Mercedes de Acosta who would flee into Marlene Dietrich’s arms whenever Garbo discarded her. It’s also been speculated that she had tender feelings for her childhood good friend Mimi Pollack. If you go weak on the knees at the sight of a girl in a swimsuit, you’ve Marlene Dietrich to thank for it. A product of the humanities-centric Weimar culture in early 20th-century Germany, Dietrich lived freely and fearlessly.

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He’s played a bi-curious vampire on screen, but other that has played strictly straight roles. Matt has even admitted that hiding his sexual orientation is what made him a better actor. That should make you think twice about what sort of pressures we placed on actors. Matt Bomer is kind of a magnificence and has flashed his fantastic abs on display once in a while.

Nixon said she had by no means been concerned with a lady or fallen for one until wife Christine got here alongside, and now formally identifies as bisexual. Anna Paquin has performed many leading roles which have lead to her successful career. One of them was as Sookie Stackhouse in the supernatural HBO collection True Blood, where she met and married her co-star Stephen Moyer.